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Health Care for All Oregon is a grassroots coalition of over 100 organizations that are determined to create a better way of financing health care for every person who lives or works in Oregon.  Our mission is to provide publicly funded, privately delivered, high quality, affordable, universal health care to everyone. People will be free to choose their medical provider to give them the care that they need, free to choose their career, job, and time of retirement independent of health care costs.  We believe that health care is a human right.  The care we receive should not be dependent on what we can afford.  It is time we joined the rest of the free world and provided ourselves with publicly funded health care just like we do for education, libraries, fire fighters, and police.

Alliance of Communities of Color Announce Health Equity 2013 Agenda

Communities of Color and new Immigrant and Refugee Voter Turnout Raises Bar for Racial Equity

Salem, Ore. -- In Oregon, a new alliance of communities of color, immigrants and refugees unifying organizations and advocates across the state announce their Health Equity Agenda for 2013 and Kickoff Event 6:00 PM Thursday November 29th, 2012 at the Irvington Covenant Church in NE Portland.  

The Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA) works to improve the well-being and prosperity for all Oregonians through policy advocacy that addresses the root causes of health disparities, improving care and lowering costs.  Member organizations helped register over 8,500 new voters, educate voters on key issues and increase turnout.  “The demographics of Oregon have changed and our communities can no longer be ignored” says Kayse Jama of the Center for Intercultural Organizing, adding, “we expect our elected officials to address the needs of all Oregonians”.

OHEA Statewide Policy Agenda 2012-2013

  • Tuition equity for immigrant students

  • Driver's license restoration

  • Improved data collection and analysis

  • Prenatal health care for all women

  • Cultural competency training for health professionals

OHEA will be looking at a different legislature in 2013, with a new Democratic majority in the House.  Francisco Lopez, Causa’s Executive Director highlighted their top priority is restoring access to driver licenses for all Oregon residents.  Lopez said, “There can be no excuse for the Governor and the legislature to not pass driver’s license restoration. We don’t want to wait; we don’t want any excuses.  We want the restoration of driver’s licenses now.”

OHEA is directed by a steering committee composed of regional and statewide advocacy organizations with a commitment to community organizing and engaging grassroots voices in the political process.  Interested organizations please contact a steering committee member for more information.

RSVP online at: https://www.thedatabank.com/dpg/504/personal2.asp?formid=meet&c=2607317

OHEA Steering Committee: Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Causa, Center for Intercultural Organizing, Oregon Action, Oregon Latino Health Coalition, Urban League of Portland.ganizing, Oregon Action, Oregon Latino Health Coalition, Urban League of Portland.