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Senate Hearing for Health Care for All Oregon Act - Join Us May 4 - Carpool

Job Announcement: Health Care for All-Oregon seeks Executive Director

    Health Care for All-Oregon seeks a dynamic and creative Executive Director to shape, inspire, and manage the organization’s future, in close collaboration with its talented team of hard-working staff, enthusiastic statewide volunteers and committed Board of Directors. 
    Health Care for All-Oregon is a 501©(4) nonprofit based in Portland, OR, with a sister organization, the HCAO Education Fund, a 501©(3) charitable organization. HCAO is a statewide coalition of over 110 member organizations, working to bring universal, publicly funded health care to Oregon and (eventually) the entire United States.
    The Executive Director is responsible for operations and personnel management, fundraising and fiscal oversight, board engagement and community relations, and working with a growing network of volunteers building Oregon’s health care reform movement.
    For more information on HCAO and HCAO EF go to www.hcao.org  and www.hcaoef.org.
Please see Job Description Here.
     We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, a pleasant working environment and an exciting opportunity to work for one of Oregon’s foremost change campaigns. Salary is based on a nonprofit scale ranging from $45,000 to $55,000, commensurate with experience.
      HCAO is committed to workplace diversity and inclusion. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. Qualified candidates from diverse personal, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
    To apply: Send a cover letter describing why you believe you are a strong candidate for this position, a resume describing relevant education, training and employment and three references to: Health Care for All-Oregon, 619 SW 11th Ave., #121, Portland, OR 97205, or e-mail to lee@mainstreetalliance.org. Applications will be reviewed beginning April 30, 2015.

For further information contact Lee Mercer, President, Health Care for All-Oregon, 831-818-5247lee@mainstreetalliance.org

Oracle v. Oregon: Kitzhaber details 'best outcome' for lawsuits, health care priorities for 4th term

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber

Health Care Inc. Northwest Jan 6, 2015
Elizabeth Hayes, Staff Reporter- Portland Business Journal

Gov. John Kitzhaber said the best outcome for the lawsuits stemming from the Cover Oregon debacle would be a negotiated settlement.

"I'm interested in recouping the resources," Kitzhaber said in an interview today. "There was a delta between what would have cost us to enroll if we had a fully functioning website and that extra manual step. To the extent that resources were wasted, that's where you can legitimately make that charge. The technology was not good technology and the cost shouldn't be borne by the state."

The state and IT contractor Oracle Corp. are pursuing dueling lawsuits over who's at fault for the bug-ridden exchange, which the state basically scrapped in favor of using the federal exchange.


Our Health Care Dead Matter Less Than War Dead?

caption: "We cannot stop people from getting sick or hurt, but we can stop killing them with our lack of action to change the system that snuffs out their lives," writes Donna Smith. (Photo: Public Citizen)

caption: "We cannot stop people from getting sick or hurt, but we can stop killing them with our lack of action to change the system that snuffs out their lives," writes Donna Smith. (Photo: Public Citizen)

Published on Monday, August 11, 2014 in Common Dreams
By Donna Smith

The photos are horrific of the dead and injured from the most recent escalation of warfare in Palestine.  Seeing dead children who have their small bodies ripped apart by weapons of war forces me (and others I suspect) to confront the realities of our violent, war-prone world.  I hate war.  It hurts to see the photos, and I always have a hard time understanding why we have all had to assert our power since the beginning of recorded history by killing one another.  Will we ever advance beyond settling our differences with war?

Then I also think about the 123 people dying every day in the U.S. without access to the health care that might have saved their lives.  This is a war too.  It is a war waged by the rich and powerful against those without enough money or power.  People suffer and die needlessly and invisibly since no one takes their photos or speaks of them on the evening news.  Do their lives matter less than those of the war dead in the Middle east?  Apparently so.  Or we'd see the pictures and we'd hear the stories and we'd stop blaming these health care dead for not being rich enough or powerful enough to access care.